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    The Blog Bar Planner To Do

    At 20SB, we’re all about connecting you with likeminded people and as a result, our members have collaborated on some truly inspirational projects. We love celebrating your accomplishments, which is why we’re helping to spread the word about an awesome community created by one of our members, Julie Reif. The Blog Bar is in the process […] Read More

    #20SBprompt: Create Something

    I don’t know about you, but I find it impossible to get things done during the winter. I thought that being stuck indoors would mean that my productivity would be at an all-time high, but sadly that was not the case. I had so many ideas and plans going into the winter months, but by […] Read More

    What Twenty Somethings Hate Being Asked In Job Interviews


    Note: This post was originally written for That Tiny Website. You can find this post on the original link. I’m learning that I’m in what is a somewhat uncommon role as a young professional. I’m a twenty-something (I just turned 27 in November) who devotes part of his time to doing job interviews. It’s one of […] Read More